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RachelSuzanne ☮

Rachel, 20.
Freelance illustrator- tend to do things based around West end, theatre & promotional artwork for musicians

Worked with Ramin Karimloo on his Broadway to Bluegrass poster & Simon Bailey's album cover.

I love cups of tea, the night air in the summer, owning more jewellery in topshop, songs to which you know every word, poems that touch the heart, big cities full of thick air, capturing that one moment with the click of a camera, a smile from someone who haven't seen for a while, musical theatre that touches your heart, films with soul, childhood memories and big bear hugs.
Harry Potter. Dr Who. Matt Smith. Lady Gaga. Les Miserables. Wicked.

Musical theatre blog

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Disney + Little Golden Books

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if you are interested in merchandise please complete the following -

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Marketing purposes

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I just don’t feel good enough. 

Nine- Fantastic!

Ten- Allon-z!

Eleven-  Geronimo!


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he looks exhausted, probably from lack of sleep when he realised he was banned from vidcon etc and his video went wrong.

he doesn’t look like a guy who’s “social experiment” had gone his way. 
he doesn’t sound pleased with the “correct reaction”

Was he thinking about his abused friend when he was lassoing girls in the street in June? 

Was he thinking about how violated he felt when he was touched without consent at meet and greets when he was handcuffing himself to women in january? 

It seems funny the “explanation” only comes after back lash and feels like an excuse by a panicking PR team.

It terrifies me that someone could touch my bum, or handcuff themselves to me in the street and people would back up that that’s okay because it was a prank.

what if he had handcuffed someone with severe anxiety?

what if he had grabbed a previous victim of abuse?

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